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509 Altitude MX Dirt Helmet - Voltage Neon & Black

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Introducing the all new Altitude Dirt helmet from 509.The Altitude helmet is the result of a fearless desire to not only create, but innovate. It is the product of looking at every feature of our previous Evolution helmet and asking the tough question, "How can we improve?". the result is a helmet designed and built from the ground up with 4 ideals in mind: Safety, Performance, Fit, & Style. The Altitude helmet excels across the board.

The Altitude helmet meets or exceeds DOT & ECE 2205 safety certification standards. It features and innovative dual density, interlocking EPS foam liner that provides top crash protection in the event of an accident. The front chin area of the helmet is protected by a specially designed expanded polyurethane chin insert, that provides front impact protection. The outer shell is made of a specially designed thermoplastic poly alloy material for maximum shell strength with minimal weight.

In addition to it's safety accolades, performance was a key focus during the development process. Innovative aerodynamic channels run across the entire contour of the helmet. These channels are integrated into the special thermoplastic poly alloy shell and direct adequate air flow into the specially designed vent scoops. The Altitude helmet features 6 integrated vent scoops that provide necessary ventilation to keep you comfortable when riding. Overall the Altitude features 8 total intake/exhaust vent ports. And for those cold days, snap in the included cold weather breath box. The unique aerodynamic visor features a locking top center mount that holds the visor in place and prevents unwanted visor movement.

The Altitude was designed with two key fit metrics in mind: Rider fit and Goggle fit. First we created a custom interior EPS, matched with a premium removable liner. The Altitude is available in 9 sizes from Youth Small to Adult 2XL. These 9 sizes are carefully designed across 3 outer shell molds, when our competitors only use 2. This provides a precision fit, while minimizing overall helmet circumference. the neck brace ready, contoured shell base provides a comfortable, yet snug feel when putting the helmet on. When the helmet is fully in place it provides and unmatched comfort fit that prevents unwanted excessive helmet movement. The eyeport of the Altitude helmet was carefully crafted to fit our 509 Sinister X5 & Aviator goggles perfectly. Not only continuing, but improving our world famous "509 helmet & goggle combo" fit. The Altitude helmet & 509 brand goggles are two products designed to fit and perform at the highest level when used in combination. And because fit is only as good as the overall weight, the Altitude starts at a class leading 1260g.

Finally, the always important STYLE FACTOR. We wanted this helmet to not only perform at the highest levels, but look good doing it. The shell features sleek, yet aggressive lines that provided and innovative and unmatched look. Everything from the integrated front mouth vent, to the innovative ventilation channels, to the sweeping upward kicked visor, provides a flowing and seamless transition. Last, but definitely not least, we know you want to show off your riding talent while wearing the Altitude helmet. That's why each Altitude comes standard with an innovative GoPro® camera mount, that mounts securely in seconds to the top visor mount.

Revolutionary neck brace ready shell profile
Specially designed thermoplastic poly alloy outer shell
Dual density, interlocking EPS
Custom fit EPS, specially designed for North America (Intermediate Oval Head Profile)
Removable, washable premium liner
DOT and ECE 2205 certified
Specially designed expanded polyurethane chin insert
Class leading eye port opening dimensions, which provide optimum peripheral vision
Perfect 509 goggle fit
One Piece eye port trim
8 total oversize intake/exhaust vents
Does NOT include a breath box or vent plugs, but they are available separately
This helmet is the exact same as the Altitude snowmobile helmet, except for the breath box and vent plugs
Innovative GoPro® mount included

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